Postpartum Midwifery

Women shouldn’t be left alone after birth to piecemeal together support in the throws of exhaustion and overwhelm, no matter how ideal the birth.

A white beautiful young pregnant woman sitting on a sofa and touching her baby bump and looking at that with a happy smile of a future mother

Mamas deserve to rest into a holistic team of postpartum support, allowing her to heal and thrive.

Postpartum Healing

  • Honoring Rites
  • Emotional Support
  • Physical Repair and Rejuvenation

Birth Trauma & Loss

  • Education
  • Community Support
  • Connection to Resources

Malika Rani, MA

Postpartum Midwife
educator, counselor, doula, yogi

Wise Woman Services and Education for healing & thriving Postpartum

Every mama deserves traditional postpartum medicines and care, regardless of her birth experience. Malika Rani works with Pregnant and Postpartum Mamas interested in Holistic Health, that value midwifery and want a team of holistic postpartum specialists and practices ready to implement right after birth to fully heal and thrive postpartum.

An advocate for comprehensive trauma-informed care for reproduction and birth related post-traumatic stress, Malika has cultivated an integral approach to understanding and addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements and rites encountered through conception, pregnancy, birth and bonding. She supports women and families to heal and thrive through the thrilling and often trying experiences on the reproductive journey.

Malika Rani, MA, weaves wisdom gained as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga instructor and Massage Therapist, 30 years in Baby Care, and a graduate education in Perinatal Psychology and Midwifery. Her understanding is enhanced by her personal reproductive experiences including healing from the sudden loss and birth of her identical twin boys at 8 months pregnant. She is a Postpartum Midwife, supporting Postpartum Recovery by offering services that incorporate Traditional Postpartum Medicine, Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology, Traumatology, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Authentic Relating, Indigenous Healing Practices, Yogic Science and Meditation.  learn more about Malika Rani...

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